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Apr 16, 2018

So this is the first english Episode on my Podcast!

Today I have the online coach and founder from the coachingteam "revive stronger" in my show.

We talk about many different topics in the field of fitness and bodybuilding and lifestyle.

Here are all the topics of this episode:


How to Deload

The right mindest as an athlet

Problem with social media in our society

Genetic's and environment in Bodybuilding

Genetic for fat loss

Mental problems with physic athlets

The right calorie surplus in a gaining phase

High carb vs. high fat in the gaining phase

How much dietary fat is really necessary

Distribution of fatty acids

Appropriate timing for fat intake

Enjoy our conversation!

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Here are any contactinformations about Steve:

The Revive Stronger Facebook group

Steve's Instagramaccount

Revive Stronger Podcast

Revive Stronger Homepage


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